Guardian Home Program


Our Guardian Home Program is when a family has one of our dogs in their home and care full time.

The dog is placed with the Guardian at no cost to the Guardian family. The dog will stay with the Guardian the majority of her life, except for when she is in her heat cycle, when whelping, and when caring for her puppies up to 5-6 weeks of age.

We have ownership and exclusive breeding rights, meaning she cannot be bred to any other males outside our breeding program. Once the contract is fulfilled (usually at 6 years of age), we will spay her and sign over complete ownership to the guardian family.


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Our dogs mean everything to us. We love them!! We want to snuggle them, play with them, and enjoy their personalities to the fullest, however that is not always possible along with raising our other dogs and puppies. Guardian homes allow each of our parent dogs to receive all the love and undivided attention they deserve. It gives our dogs the opportunity to have the best life possible - years with a family who can love them as the family's number one pet! The Guardian Home program gives us, the dog, and the Guardian the peace of mind knowing that we are providing the dog with the best life possible.


goldendoodles puppies for sale
  1. Live within 60 miles of Rose Canyon Doodles.
  2. Experienced Pet Owner
  3. Have a fenced-in yard or outdoor area for keeping the dog in the yard and other dogs out.
  4. Be willing to provide potty and basic obedience training.
  5. Feed recommended food and give recommended supplements provided by the breeder.
  6. Be financially responsible for routine care of dog such as purchasing food, routine vaccinations and vet visits, heartworm/flea & tick prevention, and grooming.
  7. Provide adequate exercise for the dog on daily basis.


goldendoodles puppies for sale
  • You are the Guardian of an Amazing Dog! - When we choose a puppy to join our program, we are looking for the best! We choose a puppy based on healthy genetics and bloodlines, temperament, and color, so we can ensure our puppy families receive awesome companions.
  • You get to join in on the excitement of seeing the puppies of your dog grow.
  • Free puppy/dog sitting when the guardian family needs to go out of town.
  • Breeder pays for spay at end of contract.
  • Guardian is paid for each successful litter
  • Breeder support for the lifetime of Dog.


If you meet the criteria, and believe the Guardian Program is something you'd like to pursue,
please fill out our application by clicking on the link below.

Join Waitlist You will be notified by email after the puppies for the litter you’ve selected are born.